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I’ve had one or two blogs over the years. For a while when I was living in L.A., I blogged about the work as an extra that I did, in sometimes quite excruciating detail. But that ended up getting derailed when I had to sign an NDA when I went to a fitting for the first Star Trek reboot movie (which they were incredibly hush-hush about—I believe their exact words were, “If you think you know what this movie is, you’re wrong and keep it to yourself.”—and which I didn’t even end up getting cast in because, I assume, I’ve never looked particularly good in short skirts) and I had to sign another NDA when I was on that company picnic episode of The Office, and I guess not being able to blog about the experiences made me kind of lose interest in the whole blogging thing.

A while later, I had a book review blog for about a year, but I stopped doing that when I decided to self-publish my own novels, since a lot of the reviews were necessarily negative and there are a lot of people who look unfavorably on a novelist negatively reviewing other people’s novels. Fair enough.

But I think I’m safe reviewing other things I partake in, things that I don’t also create (at least so far). Like video games, movies, TV shows, and comics.

I might also have other updates that aren’t new release notifications, and maybe I’ll feel like posting them here. I don’t really do social media (although I’m toying with Instagram, so we’ll see what happens there). I tried Facebook years ago, then got rid of it and have never once regretted that decision. I was on Twitter for a while, but everything got so shouty, so I deleted that, too. So yeah, I might try the Instagram thing, but otherwise the way readers can keep up with me, should they desire to do so, will be to sign up for my newsletter(s)—new release newsletter sign-up is on the main page of my website and the newsletter for sales or other selling-stuff-oriented parts of my business are on the store page, since that’ll probably be mostly about my direct sales and I don’t want to bother people who would rather buy from their favorite retailer—and, if they care to see a bit more of my random nonsense, they can watch my blog. I can also be e-mailed directly at contact@shawnacanon.com if anyone wants to get in touch, though I don’t check my e-mail terribly often, so if I’m slow in responding, please be assured I’m not simply ignoring you.


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