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A Different Approach

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Canon-compliant through episode 2.12 | Adrien/Marinette, Nino/Alya | Romance, Drama, Fluff, Action | 61k words | Novel


Rating: all ages


Adrien Agreste, teen fashion model, is secretly a superhero known as Cat Noir. Together with his partner, Ladybug, he protects Paris from the evil Hawk Moth—a villain who uses corrupted butterflies called akumas to turn regular people into supervillians when they feel negative emotions.

Ladybug isn’t just Cat Noir’s partner; she’s also the girl he’s madly in love with. But she’s made it clear to him that she doesn’t return his feelings.

When Adrien inadvertently discovers Ladybug’s true identity as Marinette—the kind, klutzy girl who sits behind him at school—he decides that since she’s not interested in him as Cat Noir, he’ll try wooing her as Adrien. But that means doing it without his mask—and that’s more frightening than all the supervillains Hawk Moth can throw at him.

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