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Unlike some writers, I didn’t really realize I was a writer until late in high school. My original interest was in screenwriting, but after moving to L.A. for a while in my twenties, I decided to become a novelist instead and moved back to Oregon. My first novel series (which I'm working on and is upcoming), Blood of Graces, began back in college as a terrible screenplay. I’ve always been a fan of vampires, from Bunnicula to Forever Knight to Buffy to Twilight and beyond. So of course the first major story I tried to write had to be a vampire story. As a very young writer in college, my first attempt was not good. So, I saved the idea and came back to it after I’d developed my skills. After even more re-configuring and rewriting, Silver Sight (book one of the series) was finished. Blood of Graces is currently planned as a 5-book series, but I’ve got a lot of ideas for spin-offs as well.

I’ve also got several stand-alone novels planned, in various genres, mostly of the sci-fi/fantasy and/or romance variety. My stories tend to focus strongly on the characters, their relationships and emotions, and I like to put them in awkward and awful situations to draw those emotions out. I love awkwardness in stories. It’s so very funny. And strange shifts in relationships, I enjoy those. Things that really bring out the drama, but also the humor, too. I have a tendency to drop humor in even when it’s not expected, and while the balance of humor and angst varies from story to story, it’s rare that I write a story that’s entirely one or the other.


I’ve always loved characters who aren’t quite normal people. Characters who don’t see the world in the same way that others do and may not have the same priorities and values that others do. Especially ones who look on humanity as if as an outsider or semi-outsider, trying to fit in and not always succeeding very well. And putting these outsiders in situations they’re unsuited for. I think it’s more interesting to me to put an android or vampire in an everyday situation than to put an average human person in an extraordinary situation. So that tends to be a lot of the type of sci-fi/fantasy I write.


As for romance, I love stories about people coming to romance from unusual angles (unusual for fiction, anyway). Marriages of convenience, arranged marriage, and even stranger things. Romance built on a foundation of friendship is my favorite type of romance, but I also love stories about people thrown into a marriage together without any sort of romantic feeling pre-existing between them. So those are generally the sorts of romances I write.

If you’re looking for something a little bit different, a little bit odd, with awkward moments and snarky humor and adorkable characters who are sometimes sexy (and sexy characters who are sometimes adorkable), stories where times may get very dark indeed but only because that happy ending has to be earned . . . then I hope you’ll try out my stories.

Thank you for visiting my site. :-)

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