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Privacy Policy:

I am very pro-privacy. I do everything I can reasonably do personally to protect my online privacy, including using Brave browser and the search engine Duck Duck Go. (Sometimes I have to prioritize good functionality over privacy, so there's a balance, but I do what I easily can.) Likewise, I fully respect other people's desire for online privacy.

My policy is simple: I don't want any more information about you than I absolutely have to have. This site uses minimal cookies for gathering of anonymized info about where people are visiting from and the like. I'm unable to eliminate all cookies from the site. If you don't approve of cookies, go into your browser's settings and turn off cookies. (Brave browser, which has privacy features like cookie- and ad-blocking built in, is helpful for this kind of thing.)


If you sign up for my newsletter e-mail list, I collect only your e-mail address, which is double opt-in and is the bare minimum necessary information for me to send you the newsletter, and you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time via a link within the newsletter.  I send out an e-mail to this list whenever I have a new release or other relevant announcement regarding my writing. I do not use my newsletter to promote other authors' books or anyone else's business besides my own. 

If you buy from my online shop, payments are done through PayPal, so I don't collect any of your financial info.

I try to set the information collection on this site to the minimum that the systems I'm working with will allow me to. If and when new options become available to me to collect less data (in any cases where there is more than the absolute minimum being collected, such as your e-mail address for purchasing digital products), I will try to change the settings on the site to whatever the new minimum for data collection is.

I don't automatically add people to my e-mail newsletter just because you purchase something from my shop. (I hate when that happens to me as a customer, so it's not something I want to do to others.) If you want to get my newsletter, you can easily sign up for it yourself on the homepage (and I encourage you to do so!), but I'm not going to put someone on it without their express permission.

It should go without saying (but I'll say it) that I won't sell, trade, or share any of the personal data that is collected by this site. Your data is a valuable commodity (which is why so many places are so eager to collect and sell it), but unless you give it to me of your own free will, I don't view it as my commodity to do anything with. Even when you do give it to me (such as signing up for my newsletter), it still isn't mine because you've only given me permission to use it for the purpose directly related to a specific thing (such as receiving the newsletter or purchasing a digital product from my shop). 

DRM policy:

I don't believe in DRM (digital rights management). I don't think it stops piracy, and I think it does inconvenience legitimate buyers. So, to the best of my ability, I provide my e-books and audiobooks for sale without DRM. You can buy them from me directly, DRM-free. If you buy from a store, the store might apply its own DRM, but to whatever extent I have the power to minimize that, I will. Obviously, I don't want my books to be pirated, so I would ask that you not post any of your purchased files online or share them with others. If somehow you acquired one or more of my books through piracy, I would appreciate it if you'd buy a legitimate copy if your conscience tells you to.

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