Baby Boom

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir

Mostly canon-compliant through episode 3.23 | Adrien/Marinette, Nino/Alya | Romance, Drama, Fluff, Action, Angst | 400k words | Content warning for non-consent, underage sex (offscreen), and trauma


Rating: teens and up (contains adult and potentially disturbing themes)


Hawk Moth makes another poor akumatization decision, giving a supervillain the power to force others to make babies. He doesn’t expect it to affect himself or his son—but it does.

Things between Marinette and Adrien get incredibly awkward after The Incident, but at least they’re not alone. Half their class is in the same boat. 
And just when everyone starts to be able to move on from that, they discover the ‘baby-making’ thing wasn’t just a euphemism. Babies are on the way. No one’s ready for it, but it’s happening, and they’re all gonna do their best to deal with it.

Will this be the thing that finally gets Adrien to fall in love with Marinette? Or will Cat Noir’s insistence that he loves Ladybug and doesn’t care if she’s having some other guy’s baby be enough to win her over?

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