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Short Works


contemporary fantasy / romance

A young doctor, Thalia Saga, meets a worn-out dockworker on the subway one night.

He’s far more than he appears, but then so is she.



Two of the biggest, strongest members of the Royal Order—an elite caste of warriors—are sent to rescue a princess. Right after their arranged marriage to each other.

Eyelids of the Dawn

biblical fantasy

A monster boards the ark and begins killing animals. The daughters-in-law of Noah must use the skills inherited from their Nephilim ancestors to find it and save their family—and the future of all humanity.

A Common Life


Prince Monrose only wants two things: to not be a prince and to marry a farmer’s daughter. Along with his disapproving bodyguard, Cassan, he must find a way to convince his reluctant mother—and also vanquish the vampire that’s killing his would-be father-in-law.

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