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Eyelids of the Dawn e-book

Noah’s ark holds the last surviving members of the human race—and the last descendants of the Nephilim in the form of three women married to Noah’s sons.

It also holds the last remnants of all land-dwelling beasts, so when a mysterious creature boards the ship and starts tearing animals’ throats out, there’s no time to waste in stopping it.

While Noah and his sons try to hunt the creature down the human way, his daughters-in-law use their own unique skills to hunt the bloodthirsty beast. But with the future of all humanity at stake, even the inhuman abilities of the Nephilim may not be enough against a shape-changing, impossibly resilient vampire.

Eyelids of the Dawn e-book

  • Download is a ZIP file containing DRM-free MOBI, generic EPUB, and Kobo-specific EPUB files. Download link is good for 30 days.

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