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A Common Life e-book and audiobook bundle

E-book and audiobook bundle. Audiobook read by Perry Daniels. About 45 minutes long.


Prince Monrose wants only two things: to become a commoner and to marry a farmer’s daughter.

War Mage Cassan’s purpose in life is to serve his queen, the woman who plucked him from the ashes of his home and saved him from his own magic.

Unfortunately for Cassan, today serving his queen means playing bodyguard to her romantic son. When they set out to fetch Monrose’s intended bride for the queen’s inspection, Cassan doesn’t expect much danger. He certainly doesn’t expect Monrose to insist they save his would-be father-in-law from a deadly creature of dark magic.

But Monrose is his prince and orders are orders, even if they come from a foolish dreamer with an inadequate sense of self-preservation.

A Common Life e-book and audiobook bundle

  • Zip file containing a DRM-free MP3 of the audiobook and the DRM-free e-book in MOBI (for Kindle), generic EPUB, and Kobo EPUB formats. Download link good for 30 days.

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