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I'm on Ream now!

logo for Ream with the tag line "where storytellers rule the world"

There's a new subscription site that just started, called Ream. It's like Patreon, except it's made especially for readers and authors, so it's much more catered to our needs than Patreon is.

I've already launched my Ream, though I'm starting slow. Right now, I've only got a basic supporter tier for if you want to support me and keep an eye on what I'm posting. In addition to more personal updates, I post random thoughts I have and things I want to talk about which aren't directly related to my writing but give you some insight into my thoughts and interests, and I might include random things I write on that tier, too.

But I plan to add several more tiers as I build things up, with lots more perks to choose from. The big thing is that I plan to have two tiers for serials (ongoing stories) that will be updating regularly and exclusive to Ream until they're finished, then I'll start on new stories for those tiers.

There are also posts that you can read for free (though at this time, Ream may require you to have a free Ream account to see the public posts). Those will mostly be basic updates, and I'll probably also post some fanfic there as I write it and then post it to AO3 after the fic is finished. (There's no set schedule or plans for fics. It's just whatever I write, whenever.)

As I add more tiers, I'll include a higher tier that will include extras like deleted and bonus scenes. And I've got plans for a couple of moneybags tiers for people who like to go hog wild to get the best I can offer (these will be limited).

Ream also has the ability for readers to comment on stories and posts, so you can respond to what I write if you have something you'd like to say. So, if I post about a video game I've been playing too much of and you've played it, too, you can share your thoughts. And commenting on my stories, too, of course.

If you're interested in supporting me with one-off tips, I do have a Ko-fi here. I haven't done much with it, and I'm not sure if I will now that I have Ream, but it's there in case you'd like to use it.

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